Vivayic is Building Other’s Capacities to Do Good

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Most companies say that they place a high priority on upholding their values and that their employees must live out these values in everything they do. In a lot of experiences, that does not turn out to be the case.

Vivayic, an international company with workers from Texas to Japan, absolutely reinforces their values in their services, employees, and clients.

“They’ve assembled this team literally around the world of people that align with a very purposeful set of core values,” Tobin Redwine, Ph.D., Learning Analyst Functional Leader at Vivayic said. “I think a lot of companies talk about having values, Vivayic lives those values. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how skilled somebody is, if people don’t align with those values, they aren’t going to hire them.”

Vivayic’s services range from designing educational modules for kindergarten to college, as well as solutions and strategies for companies to enhance their products.

“What we do is we help build strategy and clarity for an organization,” Redwine said. “We will help them specifically identify: here are your learners, here are your needs and your ways to meet them. Then, if they want us to, they can hire us to build things for those needs.”

The process to identify an educational or company need differs for each client. In some cases, Vivayic understands the direction they need to go before the project starts. In others, they need to conduct research and consult with those who are experts in specific fields.

“Usually, we can get pretty specific and say this is for K-5 and this other project is for advanced pharmacological salespeople,” Redwine said. “We can get pretty specific about different projects and what level they need to be at. Which also shows how customizable we can be. We are not experts in any of that stuff, but we talk to people who are the experts and assemble from them, then we think about how to teach it.

Redwine left his college classroom at Texas A&M University in 2021 to join Vivayic. A decision he says was not easy but provides him with fulfillment in his work.

“I loved the land-grant mission. It says that we are going to research solutions to challenging problems and then through teaching and extension, we are going to give those to the citizens. I love that mission. That’s just hard to do,” Redwine said. “What I loved about the land-grant mission; I get to do in the real world and the private sector. We identify a problem, we research a solution to it, we build that solution and hand it directly to the people that need it.”

A significant part of the land-grant mission involves serving those citizens who work in agriculture and provide them with the resources or information they need. In Texas, Vivayic works directly with groups who support and provide help to farmers around the state.

“We do a lot of work with Ag-specific companies. With organizations that support Ag producers,” Redwine said. “So, though we’re not working with cattle ranchers, we’re working with groups that support them and help get them resources. We build programming and education for groups that support Ag producers.”

According to Vivayic’s website, the company name derives from a Sanskrit word that translates to “wisdom from experience.” As the world continues to change, Vivayic plans to consistently refine its approach so it can keep its authenticity and grow without losing its values.

“We know that even though we are going to grow, we don’t want to be that giant, massive multinational corporation. We want to stay small so that we can remain agile and remain customizable,” Redwine said. “The future is going to see growth, but not in that traditional sense.”