West Texas Food Bank Partners With H-E-B, Hosts Second Annual Kids Farmers Market

The West Texas Food Bank partnered with H-E-B to host their second annual Kids Farmers Market on Saturday.

The event, which took place in Odessa, hosted dozens of families and offered free food and fun for all.

Craig Stoker, a representative for the food bank, said the Kids Famers Market encourages all children to try fruits and vegetables that are outside of their comfort zone and aim to help them learn about produce, as reported by CBS 7. “We want to make sure they know where food comes from, that they’re able to make healthier food choices when they go to the grocery store. This is just an awesome opportunity to introduce them to doing that,” said Stoker.

Children who attended also had the opportunity to learn about cooking, gardening, and other useful skills that will help them create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Much of what was taught was informative and educational, with representatives teaching children how to compost as well.

“We have a worm Verma culturist. It’s about earthworms and how they can help with composting and really this whole cycle,” said Stoker. “So if you eat the fruit what do you do with the rine, instead of throwing it away if you have earthworms you can feed it to them. So it was a great opportunity to learn about the farming cycle and how food grows.”

After much success at this year’s event, West Texas Food Bank shared its hopes to host another Kids Farmer’s Market at their Midland location in the fall.