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Trade Show + Job Fair


May 3rd, 2022


San Antonio, TX

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What is the Texas Innovators Trade Show?

The Texas Innovators Showcase is a power conference where trailblazers come together and spark conversation on a range of topics, from business and tech to innovation and more! Join us for this first-of-its-kind event that also includes lunch, a VIP Happy Hour, hiring event, industry-leading speakers, professional development and networking. 

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On Spot Interviews
texas innovators
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Key Note Speakers
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Trade Show Venue

May 3rd, 2022

Granberry Hills
6390 Granberry,
San Antonio, TX 78239

What is Texas Innovators?

Texas Innovators (TXi) is a media outlet and news platform focused on showcasing the inspiring stories of innovators throughout Texas. Created to provide a central hub for the stories of those guiding Texas into the future, TXi formed from the stories of innovation its creators hear daily. As an HR service provider, creators Matt Lowman and Jason Halsey have front-row seats to the powerful innovations driven by their clients at HR Service Partners.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and innovation is no exception to that premise. TXi aims to share all stories of innovation and its successes by recognizing the vision and drive of its neighbors. 

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