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Texas Innovators Showcase

Trade Show + Job Fair


May 3rd, 2022


San Antonio, TX

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Connect with your Target Audience

The TXi Showcase Job Fair provides the perfect opportunity to recruit job seekers who are actively pursuing careers in the industry. The face-to-face interaction will help you establish candid relationships and gauge compatibility with candidates eager to grow with your company.

Exhibitor List



Water Treatment Systems/Plumbing

Medical & Occupational Case Management

Banking & Finance

Safe Haven for Children

Convenience Store



Collaborative Co-working Space

Senior-Focused Moving Company

Venue for Corporate Events

Service Provider

Herbal Supplements

IT Technology



Photography (Headshots)

Food Service

Food Service




Background Checks

Cost Sharing Medical Community

Theme Park

Recruiting & Staffing

Mortgage Banking




Office Furniture & Accessories

How Does a Job Fair Benefit Companies?

Attracting and hiring talented workers can be hard for companies that don’t have large budgets. Job fairs may be a valuable way to increase applicant flow from sources that you might not otherwise reach. They allow you to meet with countless applicants in a short period of time – making it easier to spot great talent.

Trade Show (1).png

Access to Qualified Candidates

Career fairs give companies access to large pools of qualified candidates. These events give employers the chance to recruit applicants who are qualified for positions they need to fill.

Meeting in Person

Meeting in person and conducting on-site interviews is a good way to avoid spending time with unqualified job seekers. In addition, they allow employers to see candidates in action and get a good read on their personalities.

Saving Time and Money

Rather than spend time and money trying to attract candidates through general advertising, hiring companies can potentially save time and money by using job fairs as a way to meet with eager candidates.

Networking Group


Connect with other business leaders from various sectors to find your next synergistic partnership.


Furthermore, interact and engage with HR Service Partner’s employees to see how they can alleviate your HR headaches.

Interested in attending the TXi Job Fair?

Your business is invited to participate in the upcoming Texas Innovators Showcase, where it will have access to hundreds of potential and hungry applicants ready to take on the challenges of the 2020s. In addition to the job fair portion, your business is invited to take part in networking and further highlighting your brand to the business leaders and entrepreneurs of San Antonio.

We'd love for you to join us and have a booth this year. You'll be able to meet exciting business leaders and find potential employees for your company.

To sign up please click below:

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