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Texas Innovators Showcase

Trade Show + Job Fair


May 3rd, 2022


San Antonio, TX

2022 Speaker Panels

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TXi will host some of the state's most prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

Each panelist brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse insights about their industry. View our up-to-date list below to learn more, and be sure to continually visit as more speakers will be added until the event on May 3rd. 

Finance: Why Banks Must Innovate or Die-Out

A conversation about the future of money, alternative currencies, and why banks need to keep up with the digital age as humanly as possible.

Robert Berry.jpg

Robert Berry

Senior Relationship Manager

Bank of America

Joe Gubic.jpg

Joe Gubic



Finance Panel

Recruiting: Why Companies Need To Innovate To Attract + Retain Talent

A conversation about The Great Resignation, recruiting for company culture, and the current market for applicants.  

Sunny Myers.jpg

Sunny Myers, CTS, CPC

Branch Manager

L.K. Jordan & Associates

Chris Harl.jpg

Chris Harl

VP of Sales

Tri-Starr Group

Lauren Costley.jpeg

Lauren Costley

Senior Director

Deacon Recruiting

Rob Dodson_edited.png

Rob Dodson

Co-Founder & Lead Instructor

CyberOps Training Academy

Recruiting Panel

Leadership: Preparing Leaders For An
Evolving Society

A conversation about leading through uncertainty, engaging remote teams, and increasing diversity.

Sean Azzaro.jpeg

Sean Azzaro

Founding & Lead Pastor

River City Community Church

Yoan Mora.jpg

Yoan Mora


River City Community Church

Manny Diotte .jpeg

Manny Diotte

Founder, CEO,

& Chief Memory Maker

The Ferrari Kid

Lindsay Houchen .jpeg

Lindsay Houchen

Client Experience Coordinator & Coach

SummitTrek Coaching

Law: Is 2022 The Year Lawyers Invest
in Innovation?

A conversation about the automation of legal systems, transparency in prices, and the importance of cybersecurity.


David Vanderhider


Dykema Law

Desi Martinez.jpeg

Desi Martinez


Martinez & Associates, PLLC

Nick Monaghan.jpg

Nick Monaghan

Corporate Attorney

Dykema Law

Healthcare: Will Current Innovation Trends Impact Health Systems?

A conversation about telehealth, software-as-a-service for health data, and how the pandemic has changed healthcare.

Jamie Lagarde.jpg

Jamie Lagarde

Chief Growth Officer

Sedera Health

Cynthia Ramos.JPG

Cynthia Ramos

Master Injector & Founder

New Era Wellness Center

Marketing: Using Innovation as a Strategy To Build Your Brand

A conversation about how brands can build a digital presence, TikTok's dominance, and why physical marketing still works.

Celine Dobbs.JPG

Celine Dobbs

Brand Strategist 

BTY Creative

JR Reichl.png

JR Reichl

Marketing Consultant

San Antonio

Sergio Luna.jpg

Sergio Luna 


Rojo 032

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Leadership Panel
Law Panel
Healthcare Panel
Marketing Panel
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